The Big Match Preview: Kirk Vandals v Kirk Colts

Posted by: Monty on Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

28th April 2012, 4pm ko.

The Voice:

Stranger emotions in mind
Changing the contours I find
I’ve seen them once before
Someone cries to me

Oh, the look and the sound of
The Voice
They try, they try
Oh, the shape and the power of
The Voice
In strong low tones

Ultravox! 1981.

I was and still am a massive fan of Ultravox, more the John Foxx incarnation than the Midge Ure led dark European-sounding outfit, but at 19 years old in 1981 all avenues were open to my ears, music was my nirvana. This song grabbed me by the unmentionables for its sheer power, its mesmeric pull, and as a bass player myself, that pumping bass line. The voice has always been a powerful tool throughout history; the voice puts that thought in your mind. Some people listen to that voice, some people look to the voice, and the voice is calling Ormskirk Rugby Club.

The voice of experience is going for one last hurrah this season. We’ve been around the block a few times and know how to roll so to speak, as long as there is grass, mud, odd shaped balls and Ralgex, we will continue to strut our glorious stuff in some arena in the name of keeping us young. We are after all, still crazy after all these years to be playing this beloved game. No one can tell us what to do, for we know it already.

Wait, what is this I hear? A new distant voice approaching fast, it reminds me of something, someone, some time before. It is our youth returning out of time to take us on, to challenge us, to ask us politely to move over and let their voice be heard! To show us what we have lost? Or to show what we have built? To let us look in the mirror past of what we were, a glorious chance to re live our own memories.

The experience versus the maverick force of youth. There is no other better way to end the season for me, this will be a humdinger. Can the youth run circles around their elders? Will experience stop the youth getting the ball? How long will Dave Jones last in the scrum? How long will we remember this momentous day?

The joining forces of the two parts of the club, on the field and in the bar to celebrate the future of Kirk Rugby, whether Vandal or Colt, together we make a massive step on the hallowed turf of Green Lane this coming Saturday.

Listen to the sound of the Voice, it is calling you!

Green Army!

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