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SAT MARCH 24TH 2012.

“For myself, I always assume that a lion is ferocious, and so I am never caught off my guard”

Edgar Rice Burroughs, Tarzan of the Apes.

Shot by both sides, on the run, to the outside of everything, are the words of art-punk rock band, Magazine, fronted by Mancurian, Howard Devoto. A song from 1978/79 that was playing very loud from my stereo this morning in an effort to release the pent up frustration I felt from yesterday’s game. It’s an angry song, and it worked, because now the mood is more reflective and at least you now know that I was not happy, along with most of the residents of Aigburth yesterday, who must have wondered what an earth was going on around 15-10pm when all that could be heard was a rabid, ranting Welshman, hobbling around behind the posts trying to make some/get some, sense from/into/what was happening to his team. Rant over, deal with it, and move on.

The first blow came after only 3 seconds, when Collegiate, aware of the Lions’ captains’ fearsome reputation, had secretly hired Lee Harvey-Oswald and positioned him atop the grassy knoll to the right of the block of flats. Collegiate kick off, the ball sails towards Taff, the bullet hits his right calf, he’s out of the game! The shortest ever appearance by an Ormskirk player, unless you know different! It was a big early set-back from which the Lions did not recover!

Huffing and puffing is normally the domain of wolves on little pigs houses, but the Lions toiled under the spring sunshine, against a team much keener and slicker, and to be honest, very much up for it where we were not-that is basically the story. I could go on about the actual match but I choose to dwell on the positives and some stats.

The first 10 games of the season we scored 124 points conceded 540, the next 10 235-270, that’s real progress; however since our win against the 3rd team we have lost 4 in a row. Two heavy set-backs, two stirring efforts, still, 4 defeats. Our 3rds on the other hand have won 3 from 4! Did we leave our season on the pitch that day? It seems like it! But I know, WE know we can do better!

It’s a team game, and we need to turn up as a team, lesson learned I hope. However, as always, in adversity there is light, and by losing an experienced 2nd row early people needed to step up and young 18 year old Reece Leney-lane did just that. He was expecting 15 minutes late on, he got the first 40, and by half-time he had played himself to a standstill and for the record, the scrum was rock solid, was I missed?……., great effort Reece! The 2nd half saw Mr. 10 minutes himself, Graeme Ford take over in the boiler room. Result? 10 minutes is now 35 minutes and once again, great effort Graeme. Jesus returned, Gareth Dowling had a so-so 1st half, went back on for Joe at scrum-half and played a blinder and got the Lions’ only score, another great effort, as was Joe Kendrick’s 50-odd-minute game, brave and undaunted, a lion. The return of the Sib, great to have Callum back and the Mighty Atom himself, Nick Grant, still feisty I’m pleased to say. And useful Lions’ debuts from Adam Taylor at 15 and young Danny on the wing, (what’s his last name?).

There is always a Lions’ star man, and thanks to this guy the score was considerably lowered due to his tackling master class that had Tam nodding sagely in his direction and even Shafi James on 2nd team duty felt the spirit of the hit reverberate all the way to Manchester. Tam and Shafi are young guys who like nothing better than to end some aspiring scorer’s glory runs, at 50 something, Alan Rees knows you can teach old dogs new tricks. He has worked hard in training and on match days to be an integral part of the Lions’ brand, he gained his starting place on merit, and I challenge anybody to try and take his place from him, it won’t be easy. Your best display in a Lions’ shirt so far mate, Alan Rees, man of the match, well done chap.

Aye, a feeling of calm and forward planning has returned. A great night out with the lads to give our Australian brother, Haydn Hirsimaki a great send off as he departs these shores back to his homeland was a great tonic, especially the revival of bar-diving at the club. Great effort Haydn, thanks for all your endeavours and keep in touch, Ormskirk loves you man.

Feeder, the 3-piece rock band wrote a song in 1997 called High. The chorus goes:
I’m going out for a while, so I can get high with my friends. Aye, very apt. Now where did I put that big book of rugby tactics………….

(The Lions Soundtrack of the season, 18 reasons to be a Lion, featuring all of the tunes I have used in my reports, will be available for listening at our last home game against New Brighton on 21st April. Bring your own air guitar…)

Green Army!


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