Hoylake 2 77-0 Kirk Barbarians (3rds)

Posted by: Monty on Monday, April 2nd, 2012

The Future of the Left:

If there’s no new wave then there’s no fun.

March 31st 2012

“Try and find a better way, there is no other better way”

Welsh New Wave/Punk/Existentialist Rock band, McLusky.

A bit of an eclectic one for you this week, it’s time to think outside of the box, a little bit more leftfield as they say. McLusky certainly thought this way with their mad, even lunatic beats and thrashes that left the music scene scratching it’s collective head at times, whilst a small number of Welsh lunatics,( namely Philip Ensor and his sidekick Richie Gibbon…!), nodded wisely and went with the very voracious flow on a journey to music heaven. We came out the other side much the wiser for buying into something that many would never dare to attempt. (It’s fair to say that Mrs.Taff is not a fan)!

So, rugby I hear you say, well, no, things didn’t go according to plan as the score may suggest. But sometimes you are forced into trying unlikely methods to achieve an aim, and sometimes these things take time, but you always reap what you sow, and this match for some of the lads, will be the day they started to grow. Looking at the starting line-up, there was a quiet confidence at getting a result. Yes, it was a scratch team, but there was plenty of experience to bolster the team with the likes of Green, McDermott, Parlour and Stevenson in the pack, and Brennan, Keech and captain Waterhouse filling the back line, what could go wrong?

Well, conceding an early try due to some slack tackling didn’t help, and by the end of the 1st quarter, being 17-0 down certainly had the Barbarians on the back-foot. They persevered and threatened but the problem was obvious, no real teamwork going on against Hoylake who were a real unit from 1 to 15. The scratch was causing the itch! Too many times Kirk’s good work was undone by a lack of cohesiveness at the rucks and scrums, which saw scrum-half Brennan tidying up when that should have been the forwards’ work, or too many carries by lonesome warriors that gave Hoylake far too many easy gifts to mount their numerous attacks. But you have to keep on trying in the face of such odds, and to their credit Matt’s lads kept it going and did mount a series of attacks on the Hoylake line in the second half, but were denied by the referee and silly little errors that thwarted their efforts.

But if there’s no new wave, there’s no fun, and there were some excellent performances by the Barbarians in the face of adversity. A scratch team for sure, but still the green shoots of a new team emerging. Adam Taylor at full-back showed guile, cunning and bravery in his many carries at the Lake men, even staying on way beyond the call of duty with a dead leg, and then desperately trying to get back on, pacing the line like a caged cat! Chris Parlour as ever professional, stuck to his task at hooker constantly probing, (his appearance for the 3rds made that a game for every team this season, good effort). Did I mention he drives from Blackpool every week to play for Kirk? The unlikely trio of Justin Lyon at 8, Russ Brennan at 9 and young Rhys Ward at 10 was very interesting to watch. Justin saved the bacon many a time at the base of the scrum, and Brennan’s service to Ward was impeccable which allowed the fly-half to constantly probe and worry Hoylake, only good defence stop his efforts. Winger Adam Bennett like Ward never gave up with his constant harrying of Hoylake ball carriers, and there was the usual composed pain in the backside performances from 2nd row Brian Green and his young protégé Josh Williams. This combination excites me, the old and the new, the experienced and the raw. When Josh in future years frequents the higher echelons of Kirk rugby, we will have Mr. Green to thank for his guidance.

For me, three lads need special mentions. Ali ‘One Eye, One Knee’ Morrison had a tidy game for my money, he had to go off due to his dodgy knee, got angry and came back on and put in some big hits, went back off to the same dodgy knee, then bravely came back on to give Adam Taylor some relief. Big effort Ali, big heart, big respect from me. Lions’ favourite, Peter Robinson is very new to rugby and has been badgering me for more action other than playing on the wing, well he is a flanker now, especially after his accomplished first performance in that position. The number of times he popped up with the ball in his hands was numerous; his resemblance to the sweet shop kid with the prize Easter egg was uncanny, (see Russ Brennan and the Sefton game report for more details). Endorsed by Greeny himself, good effort Peter.

But the star man goes to Kirk Lion new kid on the block Danny Smith. He played 40 minutes for the Lions last week, started on the wing for the Barbarians this week and showed all Kirk men the size of his heart with his rearguard tackling efforts on the wing, and then showed us he is a very decent full-back when he swapped with Adam, all this and he hasn’t played for a while. A fortuitous text from Sam Bewick last wk and a Lions’ ethos has brought this lad back into rugby. Never doubt the power of optimism from yours truly; this lad is one to watch. Danny Smith, Kirk man of the match, well done mate.

It’s never easy changing one team to help another, but painful steps have to be taken sometimes and fortunately the steps worked, in my opinion that is. It has left the 3rd team inconsistent but to be honest, there were many lads conspicuous by there absence, especially these last two wks. Those who stepped up to help the cause are warriors one and all, and even though this was not a victory, from these seeds will grow a better stronger 3rd/4th team squad, I am confident of this. There was a lot of spirit out there today; together we will mould it into victory. As McLusky split and went on to form the wonderful Future of The Left, so too will we go on to better things because of days like these. I finish with the chorus from the excellent No New Wave, No Fun by McLusky:

“Try and find a better way, there is no other better way, THERE IS NO OTHER BETTER WAY”!

Green Army!


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